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The IsoArk Portable Isolation Chambers are designed for rapid setup of an infectious, biologically isolated area from the environment outside the chamber. The systems meet and easily exceed today’s standards for airborne infectious isolation, including the 2003 CDC guidelines for health care infection control. Other applications may include postal screening, workplace safety in harmful dust environments, and temporary laboratory work (Ebola, Corona virus / COVID-19)


NBC /Radioactive Filtration system

Overpressure blast valves from Beth-El are used to stop explosive and implosive blast waves from entering a bomb shelter, as well as to regulate the air pressure inside the shelter. The valves are maintenance free and withstand heat and corrosion. Blast valves are available with an additional dust prefiltration stage for removing dust particles before the air is entered the next filtratiostages/the shelter.


BALLISTIC PROTECTION | Plasan is an expert in survivability solutions for land vehicles, airborne platforms and personal protection.  provide lightweight, cost effective protection against all levels of ballistic threats, up to STANAG levels 5 and 6, as well as against fragmentation and spalls.


HDTS Helmet Display and Tracking System


PRC-434G/CS Advanced Dual Mode Personal Servival Radio with GPS

ThinkCyber focused exclusively on cybersecurity training. The CYBERIUM ARENA, which has been uniquely developed by ThinkCyber, is a powerful training tool which helps you evaluate and train professionals dealing with cybersecurity and cyberterrorism. The company trains army, police, government and corporate cyber units in Israel and around the world, including the IDF’s famed 8200 unit.

IDenta  is a leading detection and forensic science company, which use the latest in science and technology to provide solutions to law enforcement, military, government agencies and other organizations dealing with the demanding and constantly changing challenges of fighting illicit drugs and terrorist threats globally.

Automated Internet-Mediated Research Module

HIWIRE™ Analytics combines a dedicated search engine, context-adjusted normalized social media analytics, and AI-powered sentiment analysis into a powerful package.

HIWIRE™ Analytics provides snapshot insights of social media ecosystems – revealing popular posts, opinion leaders, and topic initiators with text and visualization.

OBTIGO – Data Fusion Solutions for Intelligence

OBTIGO™ combines Big Data processing capabilities and Artificial
Intelligence (AI) methods to deliver End-to-End solution in a single product for Investigation, Monitoring, Case Management, Reporting and Big Data Analytics.

EPS TRADING is a specialist procurement company for factory-new parts for defence and commercial aircrafts and gas turbines operators. providing a commercial and logistics range of services for procurements of avionics parts through UK



High Performance Multi Sensor Stabilized HD Payload System for Maritime Applications

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